This car has been in the family since the mid 1970's and was originally built by Ron's brother Mark.

It has an all original Ford steel body and fenders, and the bodywork and paint job were done through a collaborative effort. Over the last five years, we restored the car with upgrades.
We made the custom red faux suede interior and woodgraining, and put a Mercedes Benz cloth top on the hot rod.
We also rebuilt an original Spartan oogah horn and put on custom aluminum wheels.

Engine work had to be done in order to get the Ford running. An Eldebrock carburetor and air gap intake were added, vintage valve covers and an air cleaner to keep the retro hot rod look were installed, and so were an automatic overdrive and duel saddle tanks for the fuel system.

Additionally, we installed halogen lights into the original headlight buckets, and LED lights into the original tail lights.

This hot rod is an excellent example of the diversity of things we are able to perform on a project.

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